Hey, this is my site.so I want say something about me. Sometimes people want to say about himself,
not present properly.so you want to know anybody, read about himself.
I am Biplob Nath, from Chittagong Bangladesh. I was born 1995. Form my childhood I have a good
think. Any people thank about himself, how to be rich. But I thank about poor people, who need to
only two time eat. somebody wants to earn money for self & family. but I want to earn for
somebody. If want, we can something positive for our world and society.
When I am only 20 years old, I was gone far from my country. I am a fashion designer and good
worker. But I not comfortable with this work. Because, I do not find happiness from this work.
Always I want to do something unique. every time I find my happiness work.
Whenever I find my happiness in social marketing. I interested know about internet more and more.
After sometime when covid-19 attack in our beautiful world. I take it seriously. Because realize
about this, I can make my career and my dream in this network. This is our feature.